Storm Solutions is a Malaysian company specialized in Human Resources Management and Payroll Administration, in Malaysia & Singapore.  We offer flexible and accurate services, tailored for your business requirements.

As your business hires more employees, your HR challenges grow.  Business owners and office/HR managers must start evaluating the situation by asking tough questions such as:

  • How can we attract and retain the best employees?
  • Who is handling HR functions such as hiring, payroll, training, compliance, and termination?
  • What is their experience and comfort level with regulatory compliance?

Often, the HR department may be short-handed, missing tools needed to do the job, or still learning about the complexities. That’s where Storm Solutions offers Human Resources and Payroll Solutions.  We help more than 30 businesses manage payroll and HR more efficiently, and support their compliance efforts. Our combination of easy-to-use software and cloud technology coupled with our team of experts, helps organizations take the stress away leaving management to fully concentrate on running the business.

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