Storm Solutions has its humble beginnings from a manpower recruitment to an IT Training Center. Our seasoned management team has rich and extensive history in human resources development and customized IT training provider.

We have a team of of 16 highly experienced and seasoned trainers. As we move further into the 21st century, globalization is very much under way and as such, we are constantly looking to grow our business through South East Asia. We are currently delivering training in other countries besides Malaysia – mainly Singapore and Vietnam.

Storm Solutions is an approved training provider by PSMB. Eligible clients may claim the training fees from HRDF fund for approved courses under various training schemes such as SBL, SBL KHAS, & others. We specialize in soft skills training – delivered through dynamic experiential methods and styles. Our seasoned management team has rich and extensive history in customized IT training provider.

We have a team of highly skilled veteran consultants & trainers that designs innovative training solutions for your organizational needs.

Our state of the art training facilities includes the first of a kind lab in Asia powered by NUTANIX®, the hyper-converged infrastructure of modern data centers and ARISTA® networks, the next-gen software driven cloud networking solutions.

Here is our business model:

We DESIGN, DEVELOP and DELIVER our own in-house programs, based on research on the latest and emerging trends in the market.

We then work with business partners to reach out to potential client organizations who then become our long term learning partners.


Our Core Values

We believe in delivering customized, high-impact learning experience to bring Triumph into your organization through workforce Cohesion and Nobility.

With our passion in human capital development and our experiential learning programs which are up to date in contents that pay strong attention to changes on the local and global corporate landscape, we will help your organization to top people’s commitment and capacity to learn at all level.

We hold a strong value to be a strategic partner with regards to building capabilities of workforce at all levels through learning, transforming and performing towards continuous human capital enhancement.


Our mission is to help our partners in upgrading their workforce to be competitive in today’s challenging market. We provide bespoke soft skills training, project managements and IT training courses that are relevant to your organization’s enhancement. Employees that are properly and relevantly trained in their professional developments are more knowledgeable, motivated, responsible, and productive.