List of Programs


  • Train the Trainer (3 days)

Techniques on how to become an effective trainer.          

  • Situational Leadership (2 days)

Leadership concepts based on the situational leadership model. 

  • Strategic Performance Management (2 days)

Learn  the techniques of the Balance Score Card to manage your business strategically in all areas. 

  • The Change Accelerator (2 days)    

Manage change in the organization through systematic and structured approach.     

  • The ABCs of Coaching (2 levels) (2 days + 3 days) 

Create a coaching culture where leaders are more effective in increasing self-motivation in their subordinates.

  • Leadership with Omoiyari (1 day)   

Learn  to lead with compassion and mutual understanding with this Japanese concept.         

  • The Psychology of Winning (1 day)

The winning mentality by understanding our brains and how it works.

  • Realizing Personal Power (2 days)  

Unleash your greatest potential by  understanding self to understand others.  

  • The CUTE Principle of Problem Solving & Decision Making (2 days)    

Simple principles that can help in managing problems and decisions effectively.          

  • Assertive Leadership Competencies (2 days)          

Basic leadership concepts.   

  • Simplified Self Defense (2 days)       

Wing Chun principles of self-defense.       

  • Talent Management and Succession Planning (2 days)     

Manage your talent and succession planning that can ensure the legacy of your company.   

  • Performance  Management  Essentials (2 days)     

Ensure effective performance appraisal and reward system in the company.   

  • Time & Stress Management (2 days)          

Use effective EQ to manage your time and stress  to ensure top productivity.  


  • High Performance Work Team – create value in a team
  • Building a Collective Performance Workforce – align areas of people, thoughts and action   
  • Act FAST in the Fast-Changing Business – increase synergy through effective communication        
  • Tapping Workforce Effectiveness   – improve harmony  
  • EXPLORACE (Team Challenge)   – Langkawi, Penang Heritage, Historic Melaka    

      …    and other customized programs tailor-made for your company